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My(ami) Vices

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

The next study in my greater self explorative series. Often times my first plan of action in moments of struggle, fear and discomfort, is to escape the reality of my predicament and indulge in my vices. This led me to explore the American cities that glorify this lifestyle, Los Angeles and Miami. The Art Deco architecture and neon lights of Miami’s south beach caught my attention and have become the inspiration for the design behind this pair. Constructed with a white leather upper as a base, the pink suede, teal lambskin and neon orange PVC vinyl allow me to maintain the day glow color palette and neon aesthetic of Miami while exploring the rule of thirds prominent in Art Deco architecture. Since the root of my “escape” comes from discomfort, the comfort of the wearer is paramount. As such, I have used a soft neoprene lining as well as Here Luxx' phenomenal patented insoles allowing the wearer to achieve a new high. Finally, this pair is built upon my second self-made outsole that is 3D printed in a thermoplastic polyurethane to create a lightweight, flexible and durable sole.