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Updated: Aug 13, 2021


In excellent order

This pair is designed to display both complete and incomplete aspects of a sneaker, the innards and imperfections along with more finished details. Like many of us, this sneaker attempts to present itself in excellent order while it isn’t quite there.

Featuring a sewn down tongue that can only be opened via the exposed zipper, forcing the mouth shut; a toe box that is constructed from a featherlight see-through ripstop nylon that represents a tough outer shell that is trying to share its vulnerabilities; accented with ruby Stingray leather to highlight the July birth stone that resonates heavily with the Cancer star sign, one that is hard on the outside, yet soft on the inside; a thermo-chromic textile that hides my thoughts, only exposing them when under heavy fire; and finally, the whole sneaker is built upon an ill-fitting soul, that is struggling to hold everything together.