SNDR can assist individuals and companies in the whole design process, with a flexible approach. SNDR takes care of every detail of the project, anticipating market trends and interpreting ideas to ensure a high-end final product and customer satisfaction.

With a wealth of experience in pattern making and innovative 3d technologies/CAD systems, SNDR can develop sketches, technical drawings, and patterns, which then become physical prototypes. Encapsulating the relationship between design and craftsmanship and the needs of the industrial process, SNDR can develop ideas from paper, to the tangible shoes you have been dreaming of, creating samples and further bringing your ideas into a fruition.

Material research and development is the heart of innovation and authenticity. SNDR is constantly building relationships with the best raw materials suppliers as well as universities and research labs, to select and propose the path forward for you. SNDR will also take care of testing selected materials regarding resistance and performance. Our objective is to guarantee quality, production efficiency, and performance, meeting the most demanding specifications.

SNDR can take care of the entire production process, matching available time, budget and resource goals. Thanks to our network of production facilities, the studio provides promising results in the footwear and accessory industry. 



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