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The next step is to start sketching out iterations of the sneakers. I like to work loosely with thumbnails to get ideas down quickly, before I choose a general last shape to work with. Once that is decided I like build forms for the outsole unit, leaning into the upper thereafter. The inspirational resources are key in this step to develop the sketches into final design proposals.



I like to begin by building a brief and constructing a narrative around it, drawing from my various facets of interest/life experience. Once I have honed in on the few key elements I want to explore, I begin to pull references to develop the aesthetic and functional direction of the project. This starts by collecting a range of inspirational imagery for color, texture and shape.


Once the overall design and last shape is finalized I start to tape the last and build the patterns. I like to use a combination of traditional and digital methods in my workflow since it allows me to start quickly and dial in details as needed. The digital mediums also provide factories with the necessary instructions for the build.


Certain elements of the shoes can require a degree of prototyping whether it be through 3D modeling/printing components with tools like Fusion 360, Solidworks or Blender, or more hands on methods like cutting and sewing. This is a crucial step that allows me to identify any pain points in the design that need to be addressed before large scale sampling/production can begin.


After prototyping I will make any necessary revisions to the design/patterns and proceed to build fit samples myself or with a factory. This step is used to play with different material and texture swatches that are collected during the inspiration period, as well as make any final adjustments as needed for fit and function,

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